House of Hope
Serving orphans & widows in the name of Jesus Christ

Meet the Board

The Leiva Family

Henry Leiva is a citizen of Honduras. He and his wife Judy live in McClure, Pennsylvania, with their five children: Andrea, Giana, Henry Jr., Joshua, and Isaac.

In 2013, I (Henry) went to Cuyamel, Honduras to visit my cousins. It was there that I first met Sister Rosa and saw not only her need but those of other widows with similar living conditions. My heart was so touched for these poor ladies and I wanted to help them. After I came home, I was busy designing a new kennel for our dogs and I also needed a shed for my cows and chickens. As I was working on these projects, I was thinking about all those poor ladies and children - the way they live, the beds they have, etc. I said, "Lord, here I am planning a kennel for my dogs and an insulated shed for my cows!" I just closed my folder and went to pray. I don't remember what I prayed but I was asking God to help those people. After this, I did my chores with a light heart.

That evening I enjoyed dinner with my family and took a shower. As I was enjoying the hot water - again the plight of those poor ladies came to my mind and I wondered where they shower. Was it in those little sheds covered with leaves? I thought of my comfortable life and in my heart I said, "Lord, what can I do? I can't help all of them." Then He gave me an answer, "One house at a time." I came out of my room with my heart full of passion to do something about the needs. I shared this with my wife Judy, and clearly her heart had not yet caught the vision. I felt kind of discouraged but I told her I'm going to start sharing the needs.

I was given an opportunity to share my heart with our local congregation. I told them about the horrible living conditions in Honduras and shared that even my animals have better homes than many of them. I told them what I was committed to doing - with or without their help. I also shared that I planned to start as soon as possible. After the service a man came to me and said, "There are a lot of needs in the world, and God supplies those needs through man. Henry, I know the need is great but what we need to do is start pulling the wagon and people will jump in. I know you are called to start pulling the wagon." My family and I are committed to sharing the light of Jesus while building homes for the needy. We bless the Lord for supplying what is needed and we believe He will continue to do so.

The Shirk Family

Phil and Mary Jean Shirk live in Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania with their four children: Erika, Tosha, Kendra & Kyle.

My family and I are excited to be involved with House of Hope. My wife, Mary Jean, lived in Honduras as a childe. Years later, she returned to her childhood home in Guimaca, Honduras. There, she served as a teacher, and later a midwife. I also served in the same area as a teacher for one school term. We have seen the needs in Honduras and understand the darkness and hopelessness that surrounds so many of those dear people. The Lord has done so much for us personally and through the healing we have experienced, He has given us a heart for hurting people - whether it is physical or spiritual. We pray that as we meet the physical needs of people, they will be encouraged spiritually as well.

The Shetler Family

Ryan and his wife Annie live in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania.

My (Ryan) family lived in Guimaca, Honduras from 1990 to 2000. My Dad was a pastor at a local church during this time. As I grew, I began to understand the tremendous spiritual needs and desperate poverty that surrounded us. I know that House of Hope can make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering without adequate shelter. I'm honored to be on the board and a part of this ministry. I anticipate seeing the expansion of God's Kingdom in Honduras as the Gospel is shared, lives are changed, and homes built.

The Yoder Family

Ken and Lori Yoder live in Slanesville, West Virginia with their five children: Keith, Gina, Kris, Rosalyn, and Rachelle.

My (Ken) Dad had a huge heart for missions and was involved in transporting medical equipment to countries in Latin America. In January of 1994, both of my parents died in Honduras when the bus they were driving lost its brakes on a mountain road and crashed at the bottom of a cliff. Since the accident, Honduras has always had a special place in my heart and I've longed for years to be involved with a mission to reach the hearts of the Honduran people and somehow minister to their needs.

In 2012 the needs in Honduras were heavy on my heart. I had an auction in which we sold things we no longer needed or were not using on a regular basis. I took the funds from the auction and invested them because I still had no clear direction what to do with the funds. I really wanted to be involved with a ministry in Honduras but I wanted it to be God's timing, God's direction - not mine.

After I committed to making a mission trip to Africa with my brother Matthew, my cousin Judy contacted me and shared House of Hope's vision for Honduras. I knew there was something special about this call - this was the answer I had been praying for. My wife and children encouraged me to continue with my plans to visit Africa and also become a part of House of Hope.

I have inherited my father's vision to alleviate the suffering of those who have so little and to bring hope to the hopeless. My heart is to see funds placed in the hands of those who will use them with integrity for His glory. I also have a desire to see the gospel presented with an emphasis on holy living and to see it illuminate the darkest corners of Honduras. I stand in awe of how the Lord has answered specific prayers and desires that have rested dormant in my heart for so many years, and has given me an opportunity to be a part of this ministry.

The Hostetler Family

Danny and Verna Hostetler live in Linn, Missouri with their son Brendon. They have four married sons living in the same area; Marvin and Andrea, Keith and Monica, Michael and Angela, Kenny and Beverly. They are also blessed with 9 grandchildren.